The long process of Encryption has had its start since ancient times where no computers and other modern computing facilities were available and our ancestors used this for only character substitution. The process of deciphering was a long and tedious process.
In earlier decades when people didn’t have the problem of protecting information of their computerized systems, encryption was only used by governmental bodies to facilitate the secret information during their communication. Nowadays encryption is widely applicable for data in transit that is when information is being transferred via networks, Bluetooth devices, bank automatic teller machines, etc., since this method helps to secure the info which is often difficult to physically secure intermittently.
Information security of computers and through the Internet is provided by various methods. A simple but straightforward security method is to only keep personal information on portable flash memory drives or external hard drives. But the most popular forms of security all rely on encryption, the process of encoding information in such a way that only the person (or computer) with the key can decode it.
Nowadays that it has become extremely easy to manipulate with computer applications, to sell and buy things without crossing far distances even without communicating each other, but filling in a form or so, to communicate with relatives abroad, appears as a vital concern on the Internet, especially when you’re trying to send sensitive individual information between parties. (Credit-card information, personal details, bank account info, private correspondence, etc.)
As it is mentioned in one of the articles on Data Security by Peter Suciu, sites such as “PayPal” use some of the industry’s encryption to keep customer information and company data highly secure, says Amanda Pires, spokesperson for PayPal. “The PayPal system was built by one of the most highly regarded cryptographers in the industry, Max Levchin. Max built PayPal’s financial system from the ground up using high-level encryption.”
The other type of encryption, mainly deployed by small businesses, is a key algorithm, used by both public-key and private-key cryptography. Via this method, a user sends data by means of the public-key which is encrypted and the receiver, who is the only party who can decrypt the information, uses the private-key. This is how credit card information is protected when a customer makes an online order from your Web site. The disadvantage of this type of key is that if a site is successfully hacked, then the user’s information is exposed to danger.
Especially, when you take into account that credit cards usually pass through the mail, charge slips can be lost with such crucial information clearly printed and cards are often stolen, encryption is really secure.
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